Hey everyone, here from G+ as it's being killed off next August (if not before, who knows). May as well start now if you want to try to figure out where people are gonna be at, right?

I’m interested in , , , , , , , , , , , and . Don’t want to believe it but G+ is finally going away so trying other places.

@apark5 Give this wiki a try, it has a list of people to follow based on your interests.

@apark5 I used to be an active proponent of google plus, so facebook could have competition. I'm sad that it will go away, even though I haven't been posting there for years. Anyways welcome

@eldritch_ant_iha Thanks! Yeah it's going to be a hard transition... so many splinter groups gonna happen now. It was a good run for quite a few years.

@apark5 it is hard to believe G+. Lots of nomads right now. Welcome to M-don!

@axelcsep /waves yeah I need to visit here and learn it. Thanks!

@apark5 have you spent much time on the fediverse so far, or did my post remind you 😄

@rtwx no I admit I havent spent much time but will have to start soon as G+ is definitely dead. I like the look here but still figuring out how to actually use it.

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