18 years of marriage. This weekend was our anniversary and my husband's been doing super sexy things like helping me clean up, doing dishes and sewing up things that need mending. 😍

I got to taste several 80-100 bottle French wines tonight and one $500 bottle. We bought more reasonable ones of course but blind flight wine tasting with a sommelier was fun!

Howling house shaking winds and snow. Nice spring weather for the last weekend in April! 🤣🤷‍♀️

No coat, cute dress, high heels. Today I felt awesome! Beautiful day.

I don't know how to do this going out Friday night stuff but here I go! Wish me luck. Drinking with coworkers.

Teenager Takes His Cat To Prom And The Photos Are Unforgettable - Cats On Catnip

@apark5 Oh yeah and fresh basil and baby spinach in there. It’s not all pasta ;)

Shrimp & fresh tagliolini pasta in a light tomato garlic sauce with garlic green beans.  

For those nights you just need to say, Screw it! Gotta say I dig this wine label and it's not bad for a cheap wine either in the white varietals I've tried so far. Also appropriate for election nights.

Omg this new bus has actually nice comfortable padded seats! Maybe I should start work later more often! Training day and our office is being renovated.

Though I think it's more the seat back and curvature. It's quite a bit nicer on my back than the usual seats.

Got my first pay stub from my permanent job! 😊

Dinner. Simple yet elegant 'Cacio e Pepe'. Most importantly, delicious.

Pork Scallopini & Roasted Romanesco-Millet Salad

This week’s spotlight ingredient is romanesco. The prickly brassica may look like a tiny fir tree, but it tastes more like its cousin the broccoli. We season and roast its florets until tender, then combine it with nutty millet, dried cherries and fresh parsley to create a deliciously rich salad to accompany the pork.

Airing out the house. Gorgeous day! Cats are happy. Open windows. Blue skies. Sun. Swept the dirt off my back walkway. 

"Public transport really makes you hate people"
~ Amanda Park

(truer words were never spoken)

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